We Are Experts in Plant Safety and Compliance

We Are Experts in Plant Safety and Compliance

Work in confidence knowing that you are utilising the most extensive and compliant risk assessment technology on the market.

Over the past 22 years, the parent company of PRA, ‘Australian Risk Services’ has been conducting, training, and developing risk assessment processes and procedures within a variety of industries. This collated intellectual property attained over this period has led to the creation of the PRA app and its various functions.

Our Safety Compliance Standards and Controls

Our experience across the decades has assisted us in developing the most compliant standards and efficient processes. The PRA app is cross-referenced with 43 Australian and International Standards and Codes of Practice and contains over 6,500 unique controls.

Professional Services We Can Provide

Professional Services We Can Provide

PRA can provide you with professional and accredited risk assessors to conduct your plant risk assessments for you, while also providing you with access to the functions of the application. To find out more on the pricing of these services contact our team. 

To create a sustainable risk management process within your business, we can also train you or the people within your business to become accredited risk assessors, as well as provide annual Verification of Competency (VOC). To find out more about our training courses head to the training page.

Our Experience Across Industries

We are dedicated to ensuring safe working environments across the country. Work safe Australia release a statement in 2019, the cause of fatality, relating to plant was at 64%. A study completed by Helen Lingard in 2007 showed that there had been an increase of plant fatalities in the construction industry by 18%. PRA understands the importance of professional plant safety advice in working with our clients to improve safety and reduce fatalities.

Our expertise and knowledge over 22 years in transport, construction, mining and manufacturing gives our staff a clear understanding of our clients operating environments and the challenges they face. The PRA app cover over 37 Australian standards, including AS4024 (plant and equipment), as well as Plant Regulations, Plant Codes of Practice. Using these guidelines PRA has worked alongside our customers to form unique safety solutions that are tailored to meet compliance requirements.

Why Choose Us?


We complete over 10,000 risk and equipment assessments per year across diverse industries Australia wide.

Years Experience

Our team have accumulated over 20+ years of specialist industry experience in Plant & Equipment Risk Assessment and Training.

System Based Audits

We have designed and built compliant safety and environment risk systems.

Training Courses

Various WHS Safety Training Courses delivered to date.

Our Clients